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Rev. Billy Cerveny: A sermon during coronavirus pandemic – God didn’t create us to be alone


My household has been out of city for 5 days. Like most males with younger youngsters, I seemed ahead to time alone, with psychological pictures of late-night poker video games. Additionally like most males, being alone this lengthy solely reduces us to our most primal and unkempt kind.

By the second day each meal was being served to me via a automotive window. The third day noticed the identical T-shirt because the second day.

On the fourth day I caught myself having a dialog with the canine and on the fifth day with myself. Fortunately I’ll be becoming a member of my household this week earlier than I put my handprint on a volleyball and identify it.


Loneliness impacts us deeply and left unchecked it’s poisonous. Cigna launched a examine in January that discovered three in 5 People report feeling unknown and having no actual relationships. Be mindful these are pre-pandemic numbers.

The chronically lonely are 29 p.c extra possible to develop coronary heart illness, 32 p.c extra possible to have a stroke, and are extra inclined to psychological problems and cognitive decline (particularly in seniors). There’s a motive for this.

Are you aware the one factor within the creation story God mentioned was not good? Man’s aloneness (Gen 2:18). This isn’t God confessing humanity’s design flaw. Sure, He was talking to the aim of marriage, however he was highlighting our most elementary God-given want: relationships. We had been created to be unalone.

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Being unalone doesn’t imply simply having a partner, golf buddies or perhaps a small group at church. These can be good issues, however their lasting worth is once they put us on a trajectory to the being totally seen, identified and of relational consequence to one other (Gen 2:25, Gal 6:2). One of many nice tyrannies of sin is it brings a toxic disgrace and causes us to buck in opposition to this actuality.

The very first thing Adam and Eve did when sin entered the world was dive into the timber to cover from God (Gen 3:7-8). They didn’t do that as a result of that they had achieved one thing improper. They did this as a result of they thought they had been one thing improper (Gen 3:10).

Adam and Eve had been bare, uncovered and believed if God noticed what they actually had been, their most elementary concern would be realized: He would reject them and they might be alone. The irony is, Adam and Eve had been creating the very isolation they had been attempting to keep away from by diving into the timber. We have now been diving into timber ever since.

All of us imagine on a primary degree individuals would reject us in the event that they noticed what and the way we actually are. So, we cover in forests of our personal bravado, Instagram selfies and courting app profiles. Like Adam, we solely find yourself creating the very isolation we are attempting to keep away from. Fortunately, God made men and women with the aim of pursuing them.

Whereas the very first thing Adam and Eve may need achieved was go into hiding, the very first thing God did was name them out of it (Gen 3:9). He didn’t do that to dole out penalties (although there have been many). He did this so they might encounter the fact of His love and inform them He would at some point repair the issue via a mysterious Savior (Gen 3:15).


Then – in a profound act of tenderness – God made garments for Adam and Eve out of animal skins (Gen 3:21).

Jesus was that promised Savior and He didn’t turn into man to scold us for hiding within the timber (Jn 3:17). He grew to become man to stroll into them with us and all of the unsavory issues we retailer in there (Jn 1:14).

Jesus did this so we might know we’re totally seen, cherished and unalone (1 Cor 13:12). Additionally, so He may gown us as soon as once more, however not with animal skins. By His cross and resurrection He clothes us with His righteousness and we will by no means take it off (Rom 3:22, 11:29). He did all this inside our self-constructed forests so he may lead us out of them.


If the grace of a God who meets us in our hypocrisies, failures and curated photographs teaches us something, it’s we now not have something to cover. We’d be messy however we’re cherished and free to carry the battered reality of ourselves to God, others and even ourselves (which is commonly the toughest to do).

This offers us a compassionate eye to see others remoted within the timber and a coronary heart free sufficient to run in after them. During this time marked by a lot loneliness, let us dwell out the lifetime of Christ by pursuing these misplaced in isolation.



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